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#SocialCloud 3: Exploring Blogger Outreach & Blogger Influence in 2013


We are pleased to renew our #SocialCloud series after the mid-summer break, with our 3rd event – in association with Handpicked Media – looking at the evolution of the Blogger, Blogger Influence, and whether it is really the Blog that matters anymore, or is greater credibility and effective outreach for brands, come from wide and effluent Social Media presence…?

We’re going to have this one as a panel event, as the value in this subject is definitely around the discussion piece. Guesting on our panel so far are…

HollyHuntKrista MaddenTBC


HOLLY HUNT – Social Media Content Specialist & Blogger atYoung Mum’s Beauty Blog

KRISTA MADDEN – Owner of Handpicked Media

Further panelists to be confirmed. 

These guys will have plenty to offer in their panel appearance  – but so will you – this is a platform for discussion and debate, so Q&As from the audience win!

Afterwards there will be networking and drinks – our new venue is a great place to relax and reflect on the content, and enjoy a beverage or two!

Go and book your FREE tickets HERE!


Our Second #SocialCloud Event… #SocialTV 2013-Style

Kicking off the #SocialCloud Series – Discussing Social Media ROI – 2013 style.

On 3rd June 2013 we kick off the Social Cloud Series with a look at Social Media ROI, 2013-style.

It’s a long discussed and debated subject – but never loses relevance. How do we justify social media in the commercial world, if we can’t measure it’s success – somehow, or another – or track it to sales? Or do we actually HAVE to track it to sales.

We’ve got a stellar three-pronged attack on the subject, from some fine chaps who know a thing or two about Social ROI.

Jeremy WaiteDanny WhatmoughDirk Singer

JEREMY WAITE – Head of Social Strategy for Adobe Social 

DANNY WHATMOUGH – Associate Director – Digital for Ketchum 

DIRK SINGER – Director & `Head Rabbit` at The Rabbit Agency

These guys will have plenty to offer in each of their 15 minute presentations – but so will you – there’s time for 20-30 minutes of Q&As and discussion from the audience.

We meet off at 6.30pm for a prompt 7pm start. Afterwards there will be networking and drinks – the venue offers half price drinks until 10pm, and is a great place to relax and reflect on the content.


What is The Social Cloud?

At CloudNine we’ve always got involved with finding key subjects in the social media realm – the issues and areas of discussion and content that are interesting, new or debatable!

2013We felt the need for a series of informal evening events, that looked into what is shaping social media relevance in 2013; beyond the cliches. Yes, where innovation is developing, but also where old subjects rear their heads with the benefit of enhanced insights and experiences from leading professionals in the space who are making things happen.

We’ve invited some of those professionals to speak at the events.

We’ve set the venue, and named the dates, picked the subjects and started to identify the people who have the most to offer in expertise.

All that it then needs, is for you to come! It’s aimed at Social Media & Digital professionals – grown up content and Q&A around pertinent subjects.  The venue holds 100, but a great crowd of 50/60 will work in the venue. It’s a quaint little place near Carnaby Street, and serves half-price drinks on the Monday evenings we are holding the events.

We hope they hit the mark, and act as good social gatherings for the active social media community.