ROI Event Reactions

Corbo79: Great night, learning & discussing social ROI with @jeremywaite @DannyWhatmough @dirktherabbit – thanks #socialcloud


Tinalc69: Many thanks @CloudNineRec @dirktherabbit @jeremywaite & @DannyWhatmough for interesting talk on Social media ROI last night #socialcloud


Beautyanthedirt: Good to hear @dannywhatmough @dirktherabbit @jeremywaite #socialcloud My takeout: Make good content & go nuts sharing it, gets true fans


MeredithLive: @DannyWhatmough @dirktherabbit @jeremywaite @CloudNineRec great night, looking forward to next #socialcloud event!


Keelyjacob: Great event @InsideCloudNine, @jeremywaite I learnt things with @dirktherabbit and @DannyWhatmough #socialcloud


MervynDinnen: Fab night at #socialcloud – great crowd and lots of good conversations…well done @cloudninerec @HollyYM @ruthiepenfold 🙂


Malcolmjtaylor : #socialcloud poor venue & poor speakers #disappointed


Eamonncarey : Multiple phone/telcos promoting tweets to the #socialcloud hash tag. Must be trending. Suspect they’ve missed the point of tonight…


SnellyKat: Tonight, @jeremywaite’s pres is sponsored by technical fails and random sound effects. Yet it’s still utterly brilliant! #socialcloud  


James_Mayes: Wicked talk from@jeremywaite this evening. Seriously glad I caught this one, cheers @CloudNineRec #socialcloud


SnellyKat: Lots of time for a guy who drops the F-bomb twice in the first minute of a presentation. @jeremywaite #socialcloud 


SnellyKat: Just in brackets, the Chilean Sav Blanc here is very delicious and fruity, and a complete steal at £11 a bottle. #twoptwips #socialcloud 


JeremyCowles: I love presentations where the speaker holds beer all the way through lol #socialcloud @dirktherabbit


Mykitchensync: Crowd nicely moving in for #socialcloud. ‘It’s much better with a beer in my hand’ I just overheard. Very social.


LauraChady: Wine in hand and ready for tonight’s #socialcloud 🙂




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