Our Second #SocialCloud Event… #SocialTV 2013-Style

After our successful first #SocialCloud event looking at Social Media & ROI in 2013, we are pleased to announce our 2nd event in the series exploring another interesting area shaking up the social media scene.

On Monday 22nd July, we host our second Social Cloud series event, looking at Social TV & Second Screen – 2013 Style.

This is a fascinating area of social media innovation at the moment, and there are plenty of opinions as to whether it’s working, or not – and how this area can be best maximised for branding, TV production and advertising effect. And how does the consumer behave around this kind of stuff, anyway?

So once again we’ve pulled out the stops to ensure we have some learned souls presenting their expertise and insights around this area.

Pete HotchkissKingsley Maunder 2Ted Littledale

PETE HOTCHKISS – Managing Director of Substance (Digital Strategy Agency for Entertainment)

KINGSLEY MAUNDER – Founder/CEO of Style On Screen (Start-Up TV Interaction App)

TED LITTLEDALE – Co-Founder/Product Director at SecondSync (Leading agency for TV Audience Analytics & Data) 

Having organised the Social TV Conference earlier this, year we’ve done a lot of research into the area – and have asked along 3 people with something interesting to offer in terms of what is happening in the space, and where those gems of genius lie!

Jeremy WaiteThe format will be as our recent event – with 15-20m minute talks and an opportunity at the end for Q&As, which will be hosted by Head of Social Strategy for Adobe, JEREMY WAITE.

We’re back at Bittersweet Soho, and the evening is a half-price night for many drinks – however we understand this did not apply to all drinks last time, and so we will be clarifying the drinks available at that rate. We are assured that the sound system will also be working next time also.




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